How To Identify Reputable HVAC Contractors

It appears that you have decided to purchase new cooling or heating equipment for reasons such as:

  • You might be building a new home
  • Your existing equipment is broken beyond repair
  • You may be upgrading your cooling or heating system to decrease your power bills
  • You may be disposing of your existing house, and the purchaser may have asked you to upgrade your air conditioner or furnace as a part of the deal

Selecting a new central A/C or furnace can be an intimidating process, no matter what your reason. You can find nearly thousands of different models on the market, manufactured by nearly 100 different brands. There is high efficiency, fully featured, and budget models as well as downflow, upflow, as well as horizontal models. All of these factors make it difficult for you to make an informed decision. If this is not enough, the furnace is a costly item, costing in the range of $1,000 to $5,000 or even more by the time you have had your new furnace installed and working. Once installed, you can expect to enjoy this gadget for the next 25 years or more.

The majority of individuals deal with this headache by placing all of the choices in the hands of someone else. They go through the yellow pages, contact the first HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) contractor, and request them to replace their furnace. You can easily simplify this process provided you find an HVAC contractor of repute on your first call. Unfortunately, this case is quite rare.

This article offers a summary of how to locate HVAC contractors of repute and the working of the HVAC market.

How does the HVAC market function

You simply cannot install or upgrade a new air conditioner, furnace, or other HVAC equipment on your own. These gadgets are much more complicated than other home improvement projects since they require handling of gas and plumbing lines, high voltage electricity, and in certain cases venting combustible refrigerants and gases. You will need the help of a licensed and fully qualified HVAC contractor for installing or replacing HVAC equipment. Follow the tips given below for selecting a contractor:

Identify and contact three HVAC contractors, or even more

Set up an appointment with each of them and tell them to visit your home. As the majority of reliable contractors do not charge for the first appointment, ask if they give free estimates. On the scheduled date, they, apart from inspecting your existing furnace, will also gather a diverse range of information concerning your house. They might ask about your abode, the number of windows it contains plus the direction they are facing, the thoroughness of their insulation, and so forth. This information is used by the contractor to conduct a load calculation, which helps them to determine the precise capacity for the new furnace to be installed by them.

Make sure that all of the contractors provide you with a written estimate, which contains comprehensive details of the different charges the contractor will take. For example, the estimate should contain labor costs and the cost of the furnace separately. If the contractor recommends work on the ductwork of your home, the charges for that should be included in the estimate too. Never fall into the trap of selecting a contractor who offers the lowest bid. If you investigate in depth, you will find that a particular contractor’s bid is lower because the contractor has no references to indicate pleased customers, or due to the omission of some costs.

Be straightforward to query the contractor to clarify the difference in costs In case one of them gives a bid, much higher than that of others. The chances are that they might have noticed something missed by the other contractors.

If necessary, request your lawyer to check the contents of the contract. They can ensure that that warranties are properly mentioned and whether the contractor is properly insured and licensed. The lawyer ensures that you get what you expect at the end of the procedure.

Some HVAC companies and contractors represent a single furnace manufacturer or brand. Hiring them has its pros and cons. On the positive side, the contractor has, in all probability, undergone specialized training provided by the manufacturer. You may have additional power, in case the job ends badly, as you may be able to go to the manufacturer with complaints. On the flip side, such contractors offer furnaces manufactured by a specific manufacturer. Ensure that you get estimates from several contractors, in case you receive estimates from contractors representing a single brand, and ensure they are recommending compatible equipment.

What can you in case your furnace does not work properly post installation? You can rest assured that the manufacturer will not send a technician. It is the duty of the contractor who set up the furnace to send a technician to solve the problem. This is one more factor why you should carefully choose your contractor. Despite what has just been said, many people have been able to successfully request the manufacturer to redress their concern. You need to be persistent for this.

Most HVAC warranties only cover parts but not the labor. Therefore, it is vital that you ask the contractor if he or she includes labor with the warranty on a newly installed furnace. The majority of reputable contractors include a one year warranty that covers parts and labor after the installation. However, you typically need to buy an extended labor warranty after the first year from either the contractor or the manufacturer, as the manufacturer will not compensate the contractor for replacing a faulty part.

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